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I was lucky to have found China Admissions, not only they helped me pursue my study goals, but now have new friends in China. Fernando - Mexico

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The Application Process

Your Personal Advisor

First you will arrange a consultation with your personalised counsellor. They are a student who has graduated from a university in China.

Make the best Choice

We will analyse your documents and help you to choose 3-5 universities to apply to. We will also check any questions with the universities so you can make the best choice.

Ensure Documents Are Correct

We will check your documents and give you advice and support in preparing the documents. After they have been submitted we will send to the university and follow up periodically.

Join The Community

After you have been accepted we will help to introduce you to other students in China so you can have friends before arriving, and give you and your family advice before your arrival. 

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The Application Services

vip Service
For 3 Applications
(More unis can be added by adding their application fees)
  • All of Guaranteed, plus
  • Includes Interview Preparation and Practice
  • Includes Personal Statement and Essay Questions Feedback 
  • Introductions to Mentors to Help You
  • Recommended for C9 Universities or Top MBA Programs
Guaranteed Service
 For 3 Applications
(More unis can be added by adding their application fees)
  • All of Priority Service, plus
  • 1 on 1 Personal Advisor who has studied in China before
  • Your personalised recommendation on programs
  • Assistance and feedback of documents
  • Includes Rejection Insurance (apply to additional universities)
  • Fast Track Support by Email, Chat or Call
Priority Service
Includes $100 Priority service fee + the University application fee* (*exact amount depends on the University)
  • Includes all of Free Service, plus
  • Speed Up your Application for Fast Track Processing within 48 hours including Evening and Weekend
  • Fast Track Support
  • Recommended Near to the Deadline
  • Buddy Introduction
FREE Service
service fee is free, this is the application fee (the exact amount depends on university)
  • The university application fee to be paid to the university.
  • Free Review of Documents
  • Support by Email
  • Includes Accommodation Booking Service
*for basic application service, students need to pay the application fee(s) of the Universities they applied for since it is required by the University. Priority Application Service Includes 2 Universities’ Application Fees in which the second one can only be used when the first application got denied. Guaranteed Application Service includes 3 Universities’ Application Fees and can be used all at once.
**Rejection Insurance means that China Admissions will help student to apply to another university (without any additional fee to be paid) if the first application is not successful.
Can I apply to any program? 
Yes we can help you apply to any university and program in China. Just search here, or let us know which ones you would like to apply to!
What are the benefits?
Choosing and getting accepted to the best university for you is extremely important. It can have a huge impact on your future career and your life in the future. We specialise in helping students get accepted to universities and we have visited 100+ universities in China personally.  We will give all the help we can so you can get accepted to the best program for you. 
Is it really guaranteed?
Yes it is guaranteed. If you are not accepted, we will help you to apply to additional universities and programs. If you are still not accepted then you will receive a partial refund. As detailed in our refund policy on the agreement and
How long does it take?
It varies according to the program. The first consultation will be taken within a few days / a week. The choices can take some time according to your needs. After you have chosen the course and prepared the application documents we will proceed asap. The time it takes for each university can be found here
Whats the price?
The price is $790 USD for 3 universities. The price may increase in 2022. After your consultation will share with you a draft application plan personalised for you, and an agreement which you can check before going ahead to the next step. 
What about the refund? 
Yes the refund policy is written on the agreement and our refund policy here.
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